All Fees are per calendar month

One Student per calendar month
Family Class €33

Two students per calendar month

(from the same family)

Family Class €60

Three or more students per calendar month

(from the same family)

3 or More €80
Advanced training class e.g. Collinstown hall (Thursday)   €3



Yearly Fee Single €30
Yearly Fee Family €50


 If any student wishes to travel to another venue you are more than welcome to train with no extra cost.  If a student has arrears of more than two months and has not discussed this with Mr. Connolly, the student will not be allowed to train.


Additional Fees

Grading Fee Family / Junior Class €25
Grading Fee Tkd Kids Class €10
Taekwondo Kids Competition prep. classes
Hangover Cup €10
ITA Competitions Organiser Decides
INTA Competitions Organiser Decides
Seminars Organised by Inspiration Taekwon-Do * €10


(Suit for all students after two months of training)


Full set of sparring gear

(For students of yellow belt and above)


Belts: Inspiration Taekwon-Do will supply a belt free of charge but cannot guarantee a brand new belt (all belts must be returned when finished with).  Anyone who would like a new belt please contact Mr. Connolly and he will get you one for the price of €5.


* Price is subject to change if the guest instructor is more expensive

Upcoming Events


upcoming events


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