The International Taekwon-Do Federation is honored to present and deliver into your hands a Program developed over several years,  for the benefit of each of our Instructors over the world.

Since its origins our Taekwon-Do teaching system has become polished and improved like a handcraft. This has given it a special class and promoted it across our society. After achieving popularity among grown-ups, the teaching of TKD has spread onto children, with beginners as young as …3 years of age!

This new modality required a more professional system, suited to the infants´ demands, so we had to develop a new method of specific characteristics, where to include contents beyond the simple teaching of a self-defense art to the little ´uns.

There may be other overall TKD programs in the world but we deemed it indispensable to create an ad hoc Program that would abide by our technique, by our tenets and our tradition.

Consequently, the contents in this Program substantially express the characteristics of our ITF Taekwon-Do according to our Founder´ s conception, over the same basis and tenets as the adult program. It is easy to carry out for Instructors who are already working with children, so as not to limit themselves to entertaining or amusing, since the instructors´ role is neither that of a game coordinator nor of a kindergarten teacher.

Also, the implementation of our Program will prevent premature grading of children as black belts, because it leads up to the yellow belt grade, from where each child may go on with his/her natural learning cycle, having acquired an excellent technical and mental basis.

I am fully convinced that ITF Taekwon-Do is a wonderful art and one necessary for the community: it is up to us to find the best way to promote it and teach it in every corner of the world and help it become known through increasingly prestigious institutions. Taking school as the center of education, we shall accomplish our goal by putting into practice new and advanced systems such as the one we introduce here today and which sets clear from other martial arts.

However, it is our Instructors´ quality which makes the Difference and will continue to make it! Transcendental changes usually entail difficulties and high demands …but rest reassured, in this case the effort is well worth it!

The high standards set by this Program are the result of an excellent team of professionals who gave their very best to elaborate each of the contents and activities shaped up in this amazing text and who so selflessly worked for the benefit of the whole ITF community, generously relinquishing all copyright. Enjoy the ride!

Pablo Trajtenberg
International Taekwon-Do Federation

The first pattern we teach our TKD kids the following pattern, 

Saju-Jirugi - (four direction punch)

it would be an advantage if they were able to practice this at home aswell as in class. 

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