1. When a high side kick is performed without a target, at what level should the kick finish?
Level with the front shoulder

2. What are the 5 lines of the body?
Centre, L & R chest line L & R shoulder line

3. What are the 3 levels of the body?
Eye, Middle & Low

4. What are the new techniques/ Stances in Yul-Gok? (There are 5)
1/Hooking Block, 2/Front Elbow Strike, 3/Double Forearm Block. 4/Twin Knife Hand Block. 5/X/Stance

5. What are the Blocking/ Striking tools for these new techniques?
Arc of the Hand, Elbow, Outer Forearm, Blade of the Hand.

6. What is the meaning of Yul-Gok?
Yul-Gok is the pseudonym of the great philosopher and scholar Yi I (1536-1584). Nick named the “Confucious of Korea” The pattern consists 38 movements to represent his birthplace on latitude 38 and the diagram represents scholar.

7. How Many Movements are in Yul-Gok?
There are 38 movements.

8. What does the colour Blue mean for your belt?
Signifies a towering tree as training in Taekwon-Do progresses.

9. What are the meanings of previous patterns/ How many movements?
As above

10. What are the length and width of the new Stance, What is the weight distribution?
X/Stance is performed in a jumping motion and is a preparatory stance for the next movement. Weight is rested on the landing leg whether it is right or left.

11. What is the purpose of Step Sparring?
To exercise distance and correct blocking.

12. What is Connecting Motion?
2 techniques, 1 sine wave, 1 breath (at the end of the 2nd technique). Movements 16 & 17, 19 & 20

13. What is Fast Motion?
When performing 2 punches in fast motion the rear leg must be completely straight when performing the second punch. Movements

2 & 3, 5 & 6, 9 & 10, 13 & 14.

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