1. When a middle side kick is performed without a target, at what level should the kick finish? Level with the front shoulder

2. What are the 5 lines of the body? Centre, Left and right chest, left and right shoulder.

3. What is the dist. between the hands & face in Moa Sogi A? 30 cms from the philtrum

4. What are the new tech. / Stances in Won-Hyo? (There are 6) 1/Inward Knife Hand Strike, 2/Bending Ready Stance, 3/Side Punch, 4/Circular Block, 5/Fixed Stance, 6/Side Piercing Kick

5. What are the Blocking/ Striking tools for these new techniques? Blade of the Hand, Outer Forearm, Fore Fist, Inner Forearm, Foot Sword.

6. What is the meaning of Won-Hyo? Won-Hyo was the noted monk who introduced Buddhism to the Silla Dynasty in 686 A.D.

7. How Many Movements are in Won-Hyo? There are 28 movements

8. What does the colour Blue mean for your belt? Signifies a towering tree as training in Taekwon-Do progresses.

9. What is the meaning of previous patterns/ how many movements? As above

10. What are the length and width of your new Stances, What is the weight distribution? Fixed Stance: Shoulder and a half length, 2.5cms in width feet turned 15 deg, weight ratio is 50/50. Bending Ready Stance, 100% weight is on the standing leg.

11. What is the purpose of Step sparring? To exercise distance and correct blocking.

13. What is the point system for free sparring? Punch, whether to the body or the head is 1 point, kick to the body whether standing or jumping is 2 points, kick to the head whether standing or jumping is 3 points.

14. Who is the president of the I.T.F?

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