1. On what date was Taekwon Do official recognised? 11th April 1955

2. Who is the President of the I.T.F.?

3. What do the Tenets of Taekwon Do Mean? 1/Courtesy: Politeness and Mutual Respect. 2/Integrity: Honesty. 3/Perseverance: Never give up. 4/Self Control: Calmness. 5/Indomitable Spirit: Good Attitude.

4. What are the new techniques in Do San? (There are 4) 1. Outer Forearm Block 2. Wedging Block 3. Straight Finger Tip 4. Back Fist

5. What are the Blocking/ Striking tools for these new techniques?

1 & 2 First third of the outer forearm 3. First three fingers 4. First two knuckles

6. What is the meaning of Do-San? Is the pseudonym of the patriot Ahn Chang-Ho (1876-1938) the 24 movements represent his entire life which he devoted to furthering the education of Korea and its independence movement.

7. How Many Movements are in Do-San? There are 24 movements

8. What does the colour Green mean for your belt? Signifies the plant’s growth as Taekwon-Do skills begin to develop.

9. What is the meaning of Chon-Ji / Dan-Gun? See previous sheets

10 What are the Length and width all your Stances, What is the weight  distribution? Walking: shoulder and a half length, shoulder width, 50/50. Sitting: Shoulder and a half, 50/50. Parallel ready stance, shoulder width, 50/50.

L stance: Shoulder and a half in length, 2.5 cms in width, 70/30.

11. What is the Striking tool for Side piercing kick? Foot sword / Bakal

12. What is the Striking tool for Turning kick? Ball of the foot / Apkumchi  

13. What is the angle to the target for turning kick? 45 Degrees

14. What is Fast Motion? When performing 2 punches in fast motion the rear leg must be completely straight when performing the second punch.

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