1. Where does Taekwon Do originate? Korea

2. Who is the founder of Taekwon Do? General Choi Hong Hi

3. What does the words “Tae kwon Do” Mean?

Art of the foot and hand

4. What are the tenets of Taekwon Do?

Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self Control, Indomitable Spirit

5. What is L-Stance called in Korean? Niunja Sogi

6. How long is L-Stance Stance? One and a half shoulder width

7. What is the weight distribution in L-Stance?

70% on the back leg 30% on the front

8. What is the Blocking tool for Low Knife-hand Block?

The blade of the hand

9. What is Continuous Motion?

This is where two movements are performed with full sine wave for each movement but with one continuous breath.

10. What is the meaning of Chon-Ji?

Means literally “the Heaven the Earth". It is, in the Orient, interpreted as the creation of the world or the beginning of human history, therefore, it is the initial pattern played by the beginner. This pattern consists of two similar parts; one to represent the Heaven and the other the Earth.

11. How Many Movements are in Chon-Ji? 

There are 19 movements  

12. What is the blocking tool for Middle Block?   

The inner forearm

13. What does the colour Yellow mean for your belt?

Signifies Earth, from which a plant sprouts and takes root as the Taekwon-Do foundation is being laid.

14. Give a basic explanation of Sine Wave:

Relaxing, raising and dropping the body weight to increase power.

15. What is suit in Korean?


16. What is the training hall in Korean?


17. What is your Examiners name?

On the day of your exam you should know the examiners name, and refer to him / her as sir / miss.


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