1. Where does Taekwon Do originate? Korea

2. Who is the founder of Taekwon Do? General Choi Hong Hi

3. What does the words “Tae kwon Do” Mean? Art of the foot and hand

4. What are the tenets of Taekwon Do?

Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self Control, Indomitable Spirit

5. Name the four stances for white belt?

Attention Stance, Parallel Ready Stance, Sitting Stance,

Walking Stance

6. How wide is Parallel Stance? Shoulder width apart

7. How wide is Sitting Stance? Shoulder and a half apart

8. What is the weight distribution in Sitting Stance? 50/50

9. How long and how wide is Walking Stance?     

Shoulder width apart

10. What is the weight distribution in Walking Stance?   

50% on the front, 50% on the back

11. What part of the fist is used to punch?

First and second knuckle

12. What is the blocking tool for Low Block and Rising Block?  

The outer forearm

13. What is the blocking tool for Middle Block? The inner forearm

14. What does the colour White mean for your belt?

Signifies innocence as that of a beginning student who has not previous knowledge of Taekwon-Do

15. What is suit in Korean? Dobok

16. What is the training hall in Korean? Dojang

17. What is your Examiners name?

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